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Our weekend in Paris for Salon de la Lingerie

We started off our exciting trip to Paris in style in Business Class on the wonderful Eurostar where the champagne was flowing. Upon arrival we went straight to our hotel to leave the bags and headed out to Saint Germain to explore. After a really large pizza, a walk along the Seine was needed before lights out and dreams of a wonderful weekend ahead.

Le Salon de la Lingerie is the world’s largest trade show and it is here we meet all our clients and old friends. Our organisers located us in a fantastic position next to some fellow award winning designers and a new area dedicated new trends, ready to rock roll, the show doors open.

Having been fairly relaxed as we always are, we were delighted to welcome new boutiques from across the globe, all loving the uniqueness and luxury of Lucile. We welcome Greece, Estonia, New York, Hong Kong and Japan to the Lucile family.

One of our highlights was seeing the delightful Sarah from Odysssey Boutique in Edinburgh. We excitedly learnt that we have had 100% sell through from our last season – yep – everyone is loving the Lucile fit and designs – there is literally nothing left in stock so the new season orders are piling up.

The three cheese croissants, the double cheese pizzas, and the mozzarella salads are now a cause for concern, however, there is nothing like a coca-cola to wash it down. Tonight we are off to dinner at the famous Krishna Bhavan restaurant in Saint Germain where we will have a much needed break from bread and cheese.

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