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History has come full circle. It is a shared loved for the ethereal chiffons, exquisite laces and silks of Lady Duff Gordon’s lingerie that has been the source of much inspiration for the Lucile collections. Years of fine tuning, refining and meticulous attention to detail has enabled Camilla – great, great, grand-daughter of Lady Duff Gordon, and her design team to create the perfect combination of elegance, grace and sophistication – capturing the very essence of Lucile in each and every creation and bringing this iconic couture brand back to life.

Designing with the upmost respect, love and adoration for the female form is at the root of all things Lucile. Camilla believes in lingerie that makes you glow with a confident radiance, that certain joie de vivre you feel knowing your clothing is crafted to make you look and feel sumptuously feminine and seductive. Lucile’s statement gowns and bed jackets are designed to sashay around the boudoir, but are equally as beautiful worn as sensual evening wear.

Just as Lady Duff Gordon spent hours and days with her clients before designing her famous “personality dresses,” Camilla’s team put the same devotion into creating Lucile lingerie and nightwear. The brand is about love and all things feminine, from colours, to textures and the way a garment flows – Camilla aims to evoke a feeling, for the wearer to embrace the romance and sensuality of each item.

Lucile’s private client events – quintessential afternoon teas, elegant dining evenings, private fittings and bespoke service are all a continuation of Lady Duff Gordon’s vision. Writing columns for some of the world’s most renowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, she was a wealth of fashion knowledge and opinion and Camilla is just as passionate.

“Plans for Lucile’s future have already begun”, says Camilla, “a destination ‘Maison Lucile’ in the heart of London – repeating Lady Duff Gordon’s first London boutique – is our next our venture. We look forward to continuing on our Lucile journey and of course, taking you along with us.”

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