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Camilla Blois

An invitation to celebrate her great, great grandmother’s creations at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2006 inspired Camilla to bring the Lucile legacy back to life. Having spent hour upon hour dressing up as a child and surrounding herself with Lady Duff Gordon’s decadent gowns, she adored these stunning pieces from the beautiful flower detailing to the way they draped thoughtfully on the female form.

As she grew up, she developed a love and pride for all that her great great grandmother had achieved – the way she made women look and feel, her passion for femininity, her ability to capture the essence of the female soul and her fearless nature, she was unafraid of shocking her audiences with sheer, alluring lingerie. It was these qualities that she shared with her grandmother, and these passions which inspired her to revive and re-enchant the world with Lucile.

Over the past decade Camilla has immersed herself in Lady Duff Gordon’s vision and into the brand’s heart and soul.  She has captured the true spirit of Lucile with debut collections inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s most famous clients, the Duchess of Warwick and the Queen of Spain.

A labour of complete love and adoration, Camilla, along with her strong vision, works alongside her dedicated design team to bring lingerie that is not only beautifully feminine, but more importantly, brings the understated elegance of Lucile back to life.

Going forward, Camilla is in the process of creating the Lady Duff Gordon Foundation supporting home grown, emerging talent in design and manufacturing – an endeavour which is of great importance to the whole Lucile team.

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