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Lucile Luxury Gowns

Why should every woman own a silk gown? It is a simple enough question. The answer is, why not? By owning a silk gown you are entering into a world of opulence, sensuality and bedroom grace. The gowns on sale at Lucile are there to offer luxury and above all a reason to feel special. Lady Duff Gordon, the original inspiration for Lucile, was famous for her stunning night gowns and lingerie which reflected female intimacy and allowed a “glimpse into a woman’s soul”.

 Whether it is Lucile’s Bed Jacket, Georgette Kimono or the seductive Indiscretion Gown that falls into your hands you are guaranteed passion, comfort and an alluring sophistication. The Indiscretions Gown is a gown with a traditional silhouette and a modern design. A beautifully flowing gown ideal for every style of woman and a perfect creation for floating around your boudoir.

The power of luxury lingerie is unquestionable. From the silhouette it creates and the way the fabric feels – there is absolutely nothing more seductive than someone glowing with confidence from what she is wearing. The Lucile gowns are designed and created by hand with our team ensuring each piece is beautifully crafted to ensure an amazing figure. Comfort, fit and silhouette is at the core of everything we create. 


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