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How to Organise Your Dressing Room

A How To guide to help you transform your dressing room into a wonderfully useful haven that holds and displays your most luxurious garments.

 A dressing room is an extremely personal space for any woman and it is important to express your own vision for this space and yet still holding the practical needs of a dressing room. It is the room in which you start and end your day so it must be comfortable, beautiful and adding that extra luxury into your life.

The layout of a dressing room is obviously dependant on your own needs and the size of the space. Any size dressing room however big or small can be a gorgeous thing and hold your most treasured belongings.

Top Tip #1: Make sure you include a tall and short hanging space – all those stunning Lucile Silk Gowns need to rest somewhere.

Top Tip #2: Include multiple storage; drawers, boxes and shelves are all handy in storing all your designer shoes and delicate lingerie. 

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