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Christmas Gift Guide: The Lucile Edit

Make this holiday season that extra bit special with our stunning gift guide for Christmas 2013. We have gathered our top picks for the perfect gifts for every style! Fine jewellery, fragrance and delicious goodies…the perfect presents this Christmas for a loved one, or for yourself!

Christmas Gift Guide

Our new collection ‘Maison De Grande Luxe’ offers delicate lingerie and gowns ideal for the Christmas season. This limited edition collection is crafted from unique Leavers lace, delicate gold thread which has been interwoven into a gorgeous floral design. The sumptuous rich peach and gold colours are complemented by the purest of silks.

Pair our truly luxurious lingerie with the Bijoux Heart Empire gold-plated Swarovski crystal earrings, utterly striking and glamorous for this festive season. Whether you are buying for friend or a loved one they will no doubt fall in love with Saint Laurent’s Betty leather shoulder bag, ideal for creating a startling look at Christmas parties! As every woman (and man!) knows, their scent can be a very sensual thing. This Christmas season why not treat that someone special to Vince Camuto’s ‘Fiori’ fragrance or the gorgeously feminine ‘Miss Dior’ by Dior.

For the more beauty focused minds Essie nude nail polish is a staple in any draw, beautifully paired with the dramatic Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Lipstick. However, the ultimate Christmas gifts are ones that last beyond make-up expiry dates and add drama to a lifestyle. A fantastic idea for a sophisticated friend is Compass Box’s ‘The Entertainer’ limited edition blended Scotch whiskey, subtly flavoured and perfect company to any stylish household.

 If you are looking for a gift investment these two books are ideal for any fashion lover. Alexa Chung’s ‘IT’ is a stylists dream offering inspiring and uplifting stories of her fashion focused world. The ultimate coffee table book (and the one that we are definitely lusting after this December!) is ‘Christian Louboutin’ by Christian Louboutin and Rizzoli. We adore Louboutin here at Lucile HQ, as does the entire fashion world, for his exquisitely crafted shoes and stilettos. This book dives into the designer’s vivid imagination, featuring over 300 pages of stunning photography and art. This is a real collector’s item that will look fabulous as a special Christmas gift…we might just have to treat ourselves!

Let’s get spooky and seductive: Our Halloween Picks

halloweenEveryone loves to get festive, it may be slightly early for Christmas celebrations but Halloween is just around the corner so it's time to spook up your life!


We recommend boudoir cushions in dark tones of black, red and gold. Tall, elegant candle holders will give the desired Halloween mood whilst incorporating sensual lighting. Jewellery is a must this holiday; why not pair your creepy colour scheme with statement jewellery and shoes. Get creative with your make up too, online tutorials offer some excellent tips on how to get a halloween look that'll keep you spooky without scaring away your nearest and dearest.

When picturing Halloween lingerie the mind automatically flicks to the iconic red and black tones. Our Queen of Spain collection is a sumptuous fusion of gorgeous silks and lace in opulent shades of scarlet, black and gold. 

Don’t feel like you have to stick to the iconic red and black lingerie, unless it works for you. Blue and black is an elegant alternative and if you contrast fabrics you can achieve a sensual style. Black velvet is gorgeous when paired with pale blue silk or why don’t contrast black lace with deep blue satin. The Odalisque collection here at Lucile is ideal for this sultry look. This collection includes vibrant deep Royal Blue, edged with elaborate lace trim and embellished with our signature lace bows.

Lucile has landed in…KaDeWe, Germany


Lucile luxury lingerie is now available to purchase in Germany's most luxurious and distinguished department stores, KaDeWe. 

Shoppers will be able to enjoy our entire Autumn Winter 2013 collection, which are available in the Berlin and Hamburg stores. Lucile will still alongside exclusive brands such as Versace, La Perla and Agent Provocateur.

We love Germany, and now we have even more reason to visit..

2.23_KaDeWe Fashionboulevard Lingerie 2006


Get the Look: Autumn Winter 2013

The first look that we have selected for you is from the ‘Odalisque’ collection which draws inspiration from the theatrical pieces designed by Lady Duff Gordon in the early 20th century. This collection calls for luxury, elegance and daringly soft silks. It opts for dark tones of royal blue, black and purple.  Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge lip colour emphasises a subtle and daring nature. The black heels by Zara add to the feminine yet daring look along with the beautiful Carrington vintage sunglasses by Moscot. To complete this refined and sultry look we recommend using Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro black nail polish for a distinguished style. 

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The second look we have selected for you if from Lucile’s ‘Love While You May’ A/W 13 collection. This romantic look opts for nude and dark blue tones incorporating delicate Leaver’s lace to create a chic and understated elegance. This playful yet romantic style is perfected with a few delicate and beautiful accessories. However feminine you may be, the Essie Nude nail polish will suit whatever style you desire.  To add a touch of glamour into your wardrobe this Autumn we have selected the stunning Pure Attraction rose gold bracelet by Ntinga and the Dove Grey Feather Clutch by SaraCAcessories. A woman’s scent is as much of an importance as her accessories. We have selected the gorgeous Italian fragrance ‘Fiori’ by Vince Camuto as a final touch to this romantic style. 

Love White you may no boarder

Exclusive event with Jane’s Vanity

Trunk ShowEarlier this month, the lovely ladies at Jane's Vanity in Portland, Orgeon hosted an exclusive Lucile shopping event at the stunning Hotel Deluxe. Lucile classics and our gorgeous Autumn Winter 2013 collections were all on offer to fulfil those winter wishlists, including the stunning "Odalisque" and our favourite to date, "11 Rue De Penthievre."

Those invited were also given a sneak peak at our upcoming Spring Summer 2014 collections – the weather may be chilly, but we can't wait for the return of gorgeous, spring-like hues. 

Thanks so much to Jane and Emily for hosting this fabulous event, and also to all Jane's Vanity clients who came along…we hope you enjoyed the show! 

Behind the Scenes: Lucile for Luxe World TV

Lucile were invited to be apart of an exclusive Destination: London show, airing internationally on E! Entertainment. Filmed at the super exclusive, stunning, Melia Hotel in London. The Lucile team spent a gorgeous, sunny day in the hotel's famous Radio Rooftop bar which offers a stunning view of London. We particularly loved the contrast between our gorgeous Odalisque collection and the city skyline.

The show offers a unique insight into the luxury world of London, as well as Lucile, the show taps into exclusive banking at Coutts, incredible jewellery from Boodles and of course, the famous restaurant and bar at the Melia Hotel, as well as an insight into the best beauty salons in the city. We're so excited to see the finished show, and enjoying an insight into luxurious London!

Luxe World-121Luxe World-111

Luxe World-123


Luxe World-147



Luxe World-155

Luxe World-84

How to Organise Your Dressing Room

A How To guide to help you transform your dressing room into a wonderfully useful haven that holds and displays your most luxurious garments.

 A dressing room is an extremely personal space for any woman and it is important to express your own vision for this space and yet still holding the practical needs of a dressing room. It is the room in which you start and end your day so it must be comfortable, beautiful and adding that extra luxury into your life.

The layout of a dressing room is obviously dependant on your own needs and the size of the space. Any size dressing room however big or small can be a gorgeous thing and hold your most treasured belongings.

Top Tip #1: Make sure you include a tall and short hanging space – all those stunning Lucile Silk Gowns need to rest somewhere.

Top Tip #2: Include multiple storage; drawers, boxes and shelves are all handy in storing all your designer shoes and delicate lingerie. 

Lucile Luxury Gowns

Why should every woman own a silk gown? It is a simple enough question. The answer is, why not? By owning a silk gown you are entering into a world of opulence, sensuality and bedroom grace. The gowns on sale at Lucile are there to offer luxury and above all a reason to feel special. Lady Duff Gordon, the original inspiration for Lucile, was famous for her stunning night gowns and lingerie which reflected female intimacy and allowed a “glimpse into a woman’s soul”.

 Whether it is Lucile’s Bed Jacket, Georgette Kimono or the seductive Indiscretion Gown that falls into your hands you are guaranteed passion, comfort and an alluring sophistication. The Indiscretions Gown is a gown with a traditional silhouette and a modern design. A beautifully flowing gown ideal for every style of woman and a perfect creation for floating around your boudoir.

The power of luxury lingerie is unquestionable. From the silhouette it creates and the way the fabric feels – there is absolutely nothing more seductive than someone glowing with confidence from what she is wearing. The Lucile gowns are designed and created by hand with our team ensuring each piece is beautifully crafted to ensure an amazing figure. Comfort, fit and silhouette is at the core of everything we create. 


Advice for Lucile Brides

Once your idyllic venue has been booked and the perfect dress has been chosen, it is only the alluring secrets of bridal lingerie to decide upon to get you set for your special day. A Lucile Bride is one of glamour, style and sophistication. A wedding dress should be positively regal and stunning yet her lingerie should be shape enhancing, truly feminine and completely invisible.

At Lucile we offer gorgeous, truly British bridal lingerie to suit all styles of bride. The delicately feminine ‘11 Rue De Penthievre’ collection involves the softest of silks and trimmings of intricate gold lace, taking inspiration from Lady Duff Gordon’s infamous couture house in Paris. ‘11 Rue De Penthievre’ emphasises a passion for the female form and adheres to the romantic ideals of that much anticipated wedding night. 

A bride that longs for something special will no doubt be drawn to our ‘Shortness of Time’ lingerie. Sumptuous Tea Rose Pink silk (a colour created specifically for Lucile) with lace and bow embellishments makes up beautiful pieces that every girl dreams about.  Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s stunning gown designed for Elinor Glyn in the early 20th Century, who famously said she never wore “anything but the palest pink lingerie”, ‘Shortness of Time’ is a truly feminine collection ideal to make your wedding day even more wonderful. 

When picturing a classic wedding, crystal whites and fine cream highlights spring to mind. Our ‘Sweetness of Love’ collection offers beautifully romantic, classic cream and ivory ensembles embracing the ideal of love and adoration. This classically British collection draws inspiration from the famous Bridal Trousseau created for King Alfronso of Spain’s new bride in 1906. Whether it is the Luxury Silk Chemise perfect for the classic bride or Lucile’s iconic Luxury Tie Back Knickers for that added something special, ‘Sweetness of Love’ will no doubt bring glamour to your big day.


Every bride deserves to feel like a Queen on her wedding day. By purchasing a piece of Lucile Lingerie you are buying into an ideal, the ideal of elegance, beauty and a perfectly alluring bride. The best bridal lingerie is simple and elegant yet it has the ability to allow the bride to feel comfortable. A Lucile Bride is a woman confident in her own skin and seeking luxury on her big day. 



Ready for Autumn Winter

We know we didn’t have much of a summer (or spring come to think of it!) but it has come to that time of year again when the weather takes a bitter turn for the worse and you are forced to bring out your winter woollies. Winter dressing can often result in a downhill spiral towards jogging bottoms and an endless number of layers, which is where us at Lucile comes in. Hiding underneath all of those layers could be a luxurious, sumptuous silk two-piece adding a little sparkle to a winter evening.

Lucile’s luxurious ‘Rue De Penthievre’ collection offers a sumptuous fusion of gorgeous silks and laces in opulent shades of gold -ideal to add a slice of glamour during the winter months. This collection echoes seduction, inspired long night gowns, beautiful baby dolls and bed jackets are designed to make you feel like royalty.

The need for winter luxury is also highlighted through the Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalk collections. Styles seen throughout this season are ‘Sleepwear to Daywear’ donning that gorgeous silk pyjama shirt as daywear never quite looked so dynamic,  ‘Minimal with folds’ focusing an emphasis for oversized bows (so Lucile!) and intricate origami shapes and ‘Punk’ a glamorous yet tough look on the feminine form.

 Whether you are wrapped up on the couch watching the latest rom-com or bracing the bitter wind on a winter walk, make sure you add that special luxury into your wardrobe this winter.


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