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Wimbledon Through The Decades

With Wimbledon well underway we here at Lucile decided to look at Women’s tennis and its fashion through the decades. From the highly impractical of the 1900s to the stylish sportswear it is today.

1906 + 1926

First is the transition from 1906 to the 1920s. In the years before Chanel even women’s sportswear were full dresses paired with lace and trim! Moving onto the 20s and waist-lines have changed and hem-lines have become somewhat more practical. This sportswear look is most certainly one of the 1920s, the flapper girls of tennis…

1974 + 1990Jumping forward to the 1970s and shorts have made their debut. Reducing the excess fabric and embracing the shorts (yet keeping the traditional tennis whites) proves that women were being taken seriously in the sport but could still express their style and femininity.

Next to the 1990s and the splash of colour! This is the style of women’s sportswear that we recognise today.

2003 + 2014

We move on to the early 00s of 2003 introducing shapes and curves that gives a feminine yet strong look. And finally we come to this year’s Wimbledon 2014 and todays seamless shapes and femininity!

A constant throughout the decades is the sleek white of an ever changing tennis kit. It wouldn’t be tennis without it!

Sweetness of Love

Check out the Lucile website for our sleek white collection Sweetness of Love. However we don’t advise playing tennis in the collection!

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