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A Lucile History

The history of Lingerie is truly feminine and liberating, of which we can take for granted now. Lucile’s heritage travels as far back as the early 1900’s, Lady Duff Gordon crafted her revolutionary designs into a world famous couture brand with boutiques in New York, Paris, Chicago and the flagship “Masion Lucile” in Hanover Square, London.

Known especially for her scandalous lingerie, Lady Duff Gordon was one of the first to design unrestrictive undergarments, freeing women of binding corsets and wired underskirts. Royalty, nobility and film starts such as the Queen of Spain, Lily Elsie and the Duchess of Warwick flocked to her stores to visit her famous “Rose Rooms,” to choose lace, silk and ribbon adorned creations along with exotic perfumes and gifts.

lady duff gordon 2

An “It Girl,” of the Belle Epoque era, her designs challenged and changed not only the fashion industry, but also how women looked and felt about themselves. She loved and appreciated the female form, and understood how to drape beautiful fabrics to create sumptuously feminine silhouettes. She spent hours, even days with her exclusive clientele before designing a “personality dress,” which reflected the woman who wore it perfectly.

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Our director Camilla grew up surrounded by her great great grandmothers stunning designs, but it was an invitation to the V&A museum in London in 2006 to see the full Lucile collection which sparked Camilla’s passion and a sense of pride for this iconic brand. Camilla fell in love with the way Lady Duff Gordon made women look and feel, her passion for femininity, her ability to capture the essence of the female soul and her fearless nature, she was unafraid of shocking her audiences with sheer, alluring lingerie. It was these qualities that Camilla shared with her grandmother, and these passions which inspired Camilla to revive and re-enchant the world with Lucile.

Many of Lucile’s current collections are inspired by their past collections, such as ‘The Duchess of Warwick’ line from the AW13 collection. Named after one of Lucile's most glamourous clients of the early 20th century. Famously, this glamourous woman requested all of Lucile's black silk negligee's to match her boudoir drapes and sheets.

The Duchess of Warwick

From the 3rd of June to the 15th of November at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York an exhibition on the History of Lingerie will be taking place. Documenting the transgressions through the era’s, from the days of the corsets to our modern day bras.




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