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Bonjour! Lucile in Paris

Our weekend at La Salon De La Lingerie in Paris was truly amazing. The international llingerie tradeshow showcased over 500 unique lingerie brands in the French capital last weekend. It was a great show and it was fabulous to catch up with our lovely clients, stockists and meeting new ones!

We were thrilled to see such a fantastic interest in the Lucile brand and our uniquely British heritage. It is always wonderful to hear the great feedback on our latest collections especially the many compliments we had about our carefully considered bra fit. "We can't get enough of your balcony bras!" said one of our lovely clients.

paris 3

It was a proud moment to discover that our new collection ‘Pavillon Mars’ was chosen to be part of The Selection Catwalk show! The Selection Catwalk show presents each season the favourites of the Salon De La Lingerie team therefore it was an absolute honour to be selected. Our Maison De Grande Luxe collection was also chosen to be placed in the ‘trend boutique’ category, a buyer’s trend forecast for the coming year.

paris 2

The weekend that we spent in Paris was marvellous and we would like to thank you all for the support and love that has been shown for the Lucile brand. Here’s to another fabulous year of Lucile Lingerie! 

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