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A Lucile Heat Wave

As we are at the start of a summer heat wave we here at Lucile have created a guide to keeping bright in the raising summer heat!

Shortness of Time


All trends this season point towards nude shades, one of our shades is the soft tea rose pink hue of the ‘Shortness of Time’ collection.

Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s stunning gown designed for Elinor Glyn in the early 20th Century, who said she never wore “anything but the palest pink lingerie.” This collection is truly feminine in Tea Rose Pink silk, a colour created exclusively for Lucile. Adorned with beautiful lace and bow embellishments, it is the stunning attention to detail that makes this collection utterly luxurious. A perfect fit to enhance a stunning silhouette.

Sweetness of Love


A striking white look is perfect for this summer trend and is a hidden gem in keeping cool! ‘Sweetness of Love’ is our Lucile crisp white collection this summer; beautiful and romantic, crafted from rich Leavers Lace and the purest silk. Embracing love and adoration, this collection draws inspiration from the famous Bridal Trousseau created from King Alfronso of Spain's new Bride in 1906. Embellished with signature ivory bows, and with elegant gold detailing – this collection encapsulates the true essence of Lucile, sumptuously feminine.

Love While You May


A feature in all our collections is stunning hand-cut lace! Lace is a common look in the summer trends, as well as simply stylish it is light and airy, a Lucile favourite for keeping cool in our truly British heat wave.

Lucile’s contrasting lace collection ‘Love While You May’ is a perfect mix for the summer heat wave, the collection embodies femininity and combines unashamed playfulness and intoxicating romanticism in equal measure. It is in this collection that Lucile's signature Leavers lace is used to wonderful effect, particularly so in the brand's classic tie back knickers. This collection is inspired by the romance of Lucile.


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