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The Perfect Fit

At Lucile, we understand the importance of finding that perfectly fitting bra. The correct size bra will be comfortable and supportive. We have many types of bra, from lace balcony bras, to plunge and non wired soft cup styles. The Lucile team spend hour upon hour refining the fit of our lingerie, tweaking and altering to find a beautiful shape and flawless support. This bra guide is created to help you understand how a bra should fit and feel, of course if you have further questions with regards to sizing, please do not hesitate to contact one of expert team members for further advice. 

When first purchasing a bra, it is important to fit the band on the loosest hook and eye setting. It is inevitable that over time bra’s loosen, from numerous washes and wears – but by fitting on this setting, you allow room to adjust and ultimately, extend the life of your beloved bra.

The band of the bra should fit firmly, as this is where 80% of breast support should come from. The straps should only allow for 20% of breast support, if you are finding that your straps are leaving sightly red marks and are sore on your shoulders – this could be an indication that the back size you are wearing is too big. The other tell tale sign of this problem is if your band is riding up your back. This should not happen; the band should fit horizontally across your body at all times. You should be able to run two fingers under the brand comfortably – anymore than this, and it is too big.

For the cup, your underwire should fit flush to your breastbone. One of the best tests to see if your cup is big enough is to press the underwire beneath your armpit – if you press and feel it is firm, your cup is big enough. If you press and feel fleshly breast tissue, it is likely you will need a bigger cup. Your breast should be enclosed in the cup completely, with no bulges or baggy, loose fabric either.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in your bra everyday. A well fitting bra can make you feel beautiful and confident in your luxury lingerie. 

If you have questions, or problems, our lingerie experts are available to guide you through any issue you may have. Please email



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