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Advice for Lucile Brides

Once your idyllic venue has been booked and the perfect dress has been chosen, it is only the alluring secrets of bridal lingerie to decide upon to get you set for your special day. A Lucile Bride is one of glamour, style and sophistication. A wedding dress should be positively regal and stunning yet her lingerie should be shape enhancing, truly feminine and completely invisible.

At Lucile we offer gorgeous, truly British bridal lingerie to suit all styles of bride. The delicately feminine ‘11 Rue De Penthievre’ collection involves the softest of silks and trimmings of intricate gold lace, taking inspiration from Lady Duff Gordon’s infamous couture house in Paris. ‘11 Rue De Penthievre’ emphasises a passion for the female form and adheres to the romantic ideals of that much anticipated wedding night. 

A bride that longs for something special will no doubt be drawn to our ‘Shortness of Time’ lingerie. Sumptuous Tea Rose Pink silk (a colour created specifically for Lucile) with lace and bow embellishments makes up beautiful pieces that every girl dreams about.  Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s stunning gown designed for Elinor Glyn in the early 20th Century, who famously said she never wore “anything but the palest pink lingerie”, ‘Shortness of Time’ is a truly feminine collection ideal to make your wedding day even more wonderful. 

When picturing a classic wedding, crystal whites and fine cream highlights spring to mind. Our ‘Sweetness of Love’ collection offers beautifully romantic, classic cream and ivory ensembles embracing the ideal of love and adoration. This classically British collection draws inspiration from the famous Bridal Trousseau created for King Alfronso of Spain’s new bride in 1906. Whether it is the Luxury Silk Chemise perfect for the classic bride or Lucile’s iconic Luxury Tie Back Knickers for that added something special, ‘Sweetness of Love’ will no doubt bring glamour to your big day.


Every bride deserves to feel like a Queen on her wedding day. By purchasing a piece of Lucile Lingerie you are buying into an ideal, the ideal of elegance, beauty and a perfectly alluring bride. The best bridal lingerie is simple and elegant yet it has the ability to allow the bride to feel comfortable. A Lucile Bride is a woman confident in her own skin and seeking luxury on her big day. 



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