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About Us

Inspired by Lady Duff Gordon’s revolutionary and stunning lingerie designs of the early 20th Century, Lucile represents femininity, elegance and romance. Combining sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and delicate drapery, each piece is crafted to celebrate and enhance the female form. We believe lingerie should be luxurious, graceful, refined and above all, it should capture the essence of seduction and sensuality.

Just as Lady Duff Gordon believed in dressing women from the “inside out,” Lucile’s designs are lovingly created with this vision in mind – breathing life back into Lady Duff Gordon’s legacy; we challenge the way women look and feel about themselves, and believe the power of sensuous lingerie is undeniable. Lady Duff Gordon freed women of restrictive corsets, wired underskirts and dowdy undergarments, introducing them instead to provocative, sheer lingerie. She created scandal and controversy but also world-wide acclaim with boutiques in New York, London, Paris and Chicago. Her beautiful creations were worn by the most glamourous women of the time and were a must-have of the Belle Époque era. She dominated the industry, her British-ness shining through in a French dominated fashion era. She described how ‘it became the last word in chic to be dressed by an English society woman.’

At Lucile, we are continually inspired by Lady Duff Gordon, not only by her designs, but her vision, creativity and passion for femininity – she wasn’t afraid to break the norm, her dedication and love of fashion and lingerie changed the industry and how women dressed forever. Her designs are still available to view in the fashion collections at the V&A museum.

Our first collections, The Queen of Spain and Duchess of Warwick are inspired by the royalty Lady Duff Gordon dressed. Two of the most famous Lucile clients, The Duchess of Warwick requested black silk negligees to match the decoration in her boudoir and the Queen of Spain owned some of Lucile’s most beautiful pieces, made from “the most exquisite white satin trimmed with tiny point-venise lace appliques caught here and there with dainty bunches of orange blossoms.”

We are proud at Lucile, to have our British Heritage at the very core of our brand, from our initial designing right through to our finished products, everything is carried out and sourced in the United Kingdom. When buying a Lucile product, you are buying into a piece of history, a celebration of femininity, sensuality and romance. Lady Duff Gordon’s signature style will run through every lingerie item, making it unmistakably recognisable as Lucile.

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