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A Lesson in Lace

Our signature styles at Lucile are created using the highest quality of Leavers lace…we have a particular love for french Leavers laces which are expensive, couture fabrics that take hours to create as each design is so delicate! The Leavers lace is often complemented with the purest of silks to give truly luxurious lingerie. We’re all about lace at Lucile, and each design is unique in it’s own right.


The name “Leavers” derives from the inventor John Leaver, who invented the revolutionary machine in 1812.  It was an improvement on John Heathcoat’s ‘Heathcoat’ machine which specialised in making bobbin-net lace. Types of the original Leavers lace machine are still used worldwide and used within the fashion industry. John Leaver believed he would make people’s lives easier and created it for the greater good. He consequently didn’t make a penny from it.

A Leavers machine is in fact two machine working together to produce exquisite patterns. The first wider machine works on the principle of twisting together the threads of yarns to form a net and a jacquard machine has been adapted to incorporate exquisite patterns.














Lace lingerie has its own alluring nature and the style will never fail in making you feel truly elegant. The delicate and ornamental quality of Leavers lace gratifies every woman’s desire for luxury. We spend hours upon hours choosing the very best laces for all our lingerie, and we hope you fall in love with it as much as we do!

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