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Luxury lingerie brand, Lucile, is a British label with a unique heritage. From the label’s origins in the revolutionary designs of Lady Duff Gordon, through to its modern day incarnation as a champion of British designer lingerie, the Lucile name speaks to an unrivalled standard of elegance and femininity – luxurious lingerie that is formed using only the purest of silks, the finest georgettes and the most beautiful, intricate laces.

Each and every piece is hand made in Britain, all to our exacting specifications for flawless finish, and perfect fit. We’re proud to create beautifully crafted, luxury underwear and nightwear, with each stitch informed by a quintessentially British sensibility, and a timeless, enduring style. Since its creation in 1890, Lucile has retained its flawless reputation as a UK brand of unquestionable distinction. This distinction is in many ways a result of the pioneering philosophy of Lady Duff Gordon. Her influence and her love of romance and sensuality, runs like a silk thread through each and every collection, enriching each piece, and ultimately setting the Lucile brand apart as an icon of UK designer lingerie.

Taking its cues from the innovative work of our founder, our label has revived and re-established a forgotten approach to couture, designer lingerie – luxury without limitation, and lingerie that is feminine, romantic and sensual. The demand for our luxury underwear clearly shows that for the discerning modern woman, the values behind our brand are highly sought after, particularly as they are so rarely found elsewhere. The Lucile approach represents a unique proposition within designer lingerie, which is why for those seeking only the finest, most luxurious pieces, no other label will do.

Our designs encapsulate the essence of authentic sensuality, classic romance, and a courtly sophistication. As a result, the Lucile brand is recognised as the height of refinement, and the very definition of modern, understated elegance.

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